Workout of the Day-Next week begins the Periodization for Opening Day!

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Some might think that some east german cult abducted me with all this talk of periodization! I actually suffered memory loss and recall some bright lights and sharp pain in my neck before waking up with this idea, however Mulder and Scully are on and I am back to working out, whew… With that out of the way, Periodization is a systematic approach to reach optimal performance at a particular time of your choosing. For someone like myself, it also performs the role of injury prevention.

The combination of sport specific and general core fitness will help me start the ski season and absorb some of the high impacts that occur at the higher speeds of downhill skiing.  Today I did a leg centric routine combining maximal strength and work capacity.

Warm up: Shoulder band stretch from 8′ bar, 3 sets of 10 air squats

WO 1:      Back squats 3-5 sets working up to a set of 3eps at maximum load

WO 2      2 Kettle bell (8-16 kg) 3 reps(9 total per round) of sumo deadlift/dl & clean/dl & snatch for as many rounds in 15 minutes.

I felt worked but not over the top. Good enough to begin the next 8 week periodization cycle for mid-December opening day. If you are interested in following, let me know and I can post an actual schedule for the 8 week cycle.

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