The International Kit-Remove the Mystery and Enjoy the Adventure!

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The gear we love at home travels with us and that extra step onto a plane, train or burro makes everything we bring more important that it fulfills as many purposes as possible. Travel requires planning, booking, reserving, depositing and making sure all your documents are in order before you ever get near the mountains. Our luggage needs to be durable and compact, our needs to be relevant and multi-faceted and we need all our paperwork and personal preparation set before we depart

International Document and Paperwork needs to be current copies saved in a place easily accessible by you or someone you trust and available while you are travelling. Keep all reservations and documents in an easy place to get

Passport: You will need a valid passport. It can take from four to six weeks from the time you file your paperwork to receive your passport

Visas, Permits and Fees: Make sure you start this process at least 3 months before your trip to follow up on all necessary requirements or check with your outfitter what they are doing for you.

Flights, Hotels and Shuttles: So many websites, one that you should be aware of is Websites like this offer incredible deals and the cost is no possibility of change, thus zero flexibility. Limit the number of connections on your flight to avoid the chances of losing your equipment. Make sure all medications, passport, cameras, and other valuables are in your carry-on baggage, not with your checked items. If you have concerns about replacing lost items it is advisable to make a list of what you take for both finding substitutes during the trip and also for insurance purposes. Use locks on all your bags. Finally, when checking in make sure bags are checked all the way to your final destination.

Luggage: Travelling with skis or snowboards requires thoughtful packing. First, sports tube(hard) or rolling ski bag(soft). The Hard tube travels well and protects your equipment but when not in use is awkward and large. The soft rolling bags can be stored easier when not in use.

Travel and in town clothes: 10 hour flights and long bus rides require comfortable clothes, preferable several changes of cotton. Sanak shoes/sandals are compact, comfortable and give you a boost on style.

If you are going to the Alps, consider renting gear that is easy to switch such as a an ice axe, shovel, probe, or transceiver if will keep your luggage manageable.

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