Welcome to BCA Guides’ Summit Climbs Menu. We organize our Cascade Summit climbs by grade:

  • *Beginner – no experience required, just good fitness- aka comfortable at hiking at a pace of 3+ miles per hour and vertical gain of 1,000 feet per hour.
  • *Intermediate – requires previous experience and really good fitness- 4 miles an hour or vertical gain of 1,200-1,500 feet per hour. Technical difficulties: 35-55 degree snow & ice, 4th-mid 5th class rock climbing, glacial terrain
  • *Advanced – requires previous Intermediate climbs with BCA Guides and solid mountain fitness aka able to hike all day at 4 miles per hour and 1,500 feet per hour. Technical difficulties: 45-80 degree snow & ice, 4th-5.9 rock climbing, glacial terrain.
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