Welcome to BC Adventure Guides’ Summit Climbs Menu. Here, you will find the list of monumental mountain ranges where we organize our guided mountain expeditions. There is no summit we can’t conquer, and we want you to come along and be a part of this magnificent experience—whether you are a beginner or expert mountaineer.

BC Adventure Guides is staffed with the best group of certified and experienced mountain climbing guides. That is why you will get a fantastic—but most importantly, safe—summit climbing experience when you book one of our guided mountain expeditions. Whether you want to climb rocks, ice, or simply trek your most desired mountain range, BC Adventures has within its ranks mountain guides who have seen it all and have the necessary skills, training, and judgment to deliver an educational, fun, and safe experience.

The best part is that here at BC Adventure Guides, we like to believe that we have a responsibility toward the environment of the regions where we organize our climbing expeditions. That is why we travel in low ratios to minimize the impact on the land, and we are conscious about our methods to make sure we do everything as ecologically responsible as possible.

We organize our guided mountain expeditions by grade:

  • *Beginner – no experience required, just good fitness- aka comfortable at hiking at a pace of 3+ miles per hour and vertical gain of 1,000 feet per hour.
  • *Intermediate – requires previous experience and really good fitness- 4 miles an hour or vertical gain of 1,200-1,500 feet per hour. Technical difficulties: 35-55 degree snow & ice, 4th-mid 5th class rock climbing, glacial terrain
  • *Advanced – requires previous Intermediate climbs with BCA Guides and solid mountain fitness aka able to hike all day at 4 miles per hour and 1,500 feet per hour. Technical difficulties: 45-80 degree snow & ice, 4th-5.9 rock climbing, glacial terrain.
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