Is there a mountain you want climb, ski and trek to and need to learn how to get there? Come find the class to give you the skills to follow your dreams!

Ski Tours

Deep powder, long, steep couloirs, amazing new and beautiful mountain ranges to explore via lift, skins, boat, heli you chose how, we ride it!

Alpine Climbs

Want to climb Rock, Snow or Ice? Check. Send a peak in the Cascades, Coast Range, Andes, Alps, or another exotic mountain range? Check!

International Trips

A taste for Curry with a dash of Powder? Sushi in the backcountry? So many great places to visit: Canada, Russia, Niseko, Ecuador, come explore with us!

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Holiday Shopping BCAG Style Tis’ the season of holiday shopping blogs! At their best, they cut through the noise of all the many choices we have for skis, clothes, accessories and just about anything that…
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Adventure Travel Guides

BC Adventure Guides offers the experience of a lifetime to those who want to broaden their horizons by experiencing new challenges, cultures, and exotic places. We are knowledgeable, licensed, and certified adventure travel guides on a mission to help forge connections and expose amazing people to thrilling experiences. Our guides can take you to the places you’ve always dreamed of exploring. Ski down Ecuador’s tropical glaciers or climb the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps. Visit and submerge yourself in different cultures with our international trips or learn new skills with our ski and climbing courses that make adventure travel accessible to everybody. No matter what you want your life-changing experience to be, our adventure travel guides are here to educate you and help you check off those bucket list items sooner than you ever thought was possible.

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