White Death, a heavy metal band or a hazard on a bad ski day

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Welcome to the 2007-08 Ski season! With snow on the ground, a chill in the air, everyone is chomping at the bit to get this La Nina winter going! B.C. again seems to have it going on, with Austria, Mount Baker and Morocco contending for the best start of the season.

As with most people with a seasonal twitch, it helps to have a job you want to quit to focus your efforts on getting up on the snow and skiing. With potentially five fatalities and seven burials last weekend, it serves as a reminder to take a moment and assess yourself then the conditions before heading out.

One thing to remember with winter back country travel, respect the environment you are traveling by planning and preparing for your trip, whether a short hike or a multi-day tour. Learn the history of the area you want to travel, check the forecast before you go and check in with the local resources to get the most update information to help shape your decision to the tour you are choosing to go do.

With a storm approaching, I look forward to a great la Nina winter and ski you later!


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    That’s a sharp way of thkining about it.

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