Ten places I want to ski before Climate Change overtakes the snow

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I just spent the last 2 weeks researching the Dolomites, Holy Cow! They are beautiful, big, littered with couloirs, long valleys and rifugios that are ridiculous in the level of service you expect to find above 6,000′. That pushed me to make my wish list where I want to ski before the snow goes away.  I thought I should share my list  and hope I hear some more ideas from you:


  • Roger’s Pass
  • Fairy Meadows/Sorcerer Lodge
  • Wapta Traverse


  • La Grave
  • Dolomites
  • Chamonix/Courmeyeur


  • Manali/Simla
  • Hokkaido

South America

  • Chile-Volcanoes


  • Morocco/Toubkal

Those are my ten places to ski before Climate Change, so where do you want to go?

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  1. Anonymous
    | Reply

    Good list Matt

    For me…..
    La Grave
    Vinson Massif Antarctica
    South Georgia Island
    Fjords of Norway accessed by Boat
    Mustagh Ata
    Tatras Mtns
    Carpathian Mtns

  2. Tomas
    | Reply

    I really rings home the truth of global warming when we have to make lists like this. At least the "Places to Surf" list is getting more options.

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