Ski Quiver Modification or how to supercharge your versitility

I have thought about that one ski set up that would do it all for years. I finally put thought into action and committed my credit card for a new kit:Side Stash 174, Sollyfit Swap Plates from Binding Freedom, TLT Speed Toe piece, Vertical heel with B&D Gear Comfort plate matched to Dynafit Titan boots.

The plates added just 130 grams to the set up and fit all Dynafit bindings and selected 900 & STH Salomon models. I started with an older pair of 900s and had some trouble with the toe piece plate not matching up to the holes well. I switched to the 914s and they fit perfectly. They skied very well as I took them out to Alpental in blower pow to rain crust.

The screws for the different bindings was challenging to match up due to Binding Freedom not including the TLT Speed into their kit screw set. I eyeballed the screws to the plate and was fine. Locktight is very important to keep the screws from loosening up.

The boots to drive this rig are the Dynafit Titans. A perfect match equally adept on fast hard pack or deep pow, freeing me to just bring the extra bindings and boot soles to swap when I decide to change the activity. The swap takes 5 to 10 minutes and requires a phillips for the boot soles and 3 mm allen wrench for the bindings.

Who is this for? Anyone who has tried to simplify their system and demands solid bindings in bounds and a light touring set up that can handle a big mountain ride. This is my first step down the path of custom modification, aka touring alchemy, and I am hooked!

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