Nov 17th Baker BC Faceshot and Avalanches with Mark & Joseph

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Joseph called me a few days ago about coming up to Baker to go touring, it was an easy yes. Mark joined me for the rally North, showing up to my house early, ready to schred 2 feet of new we saw on the telemetry. We all made to the Baker parking lot and starting skinning by 10.

We passed multiple fracture lines from yesterday’s warming and were seen on all  northern convexities and unsupported slopes from 4000′-5,500′. The road cut slides were particularly striking along with a slide triggered from the skin track just under Artist Point.

We probed and found a consistent 2 meter base. Over on Herman and Herman Saddle the coverage looked leaner with rocks showing.We made four laps, each providing face shots and ear to ear grins! A temperature inversion helped bonding of the new 12″ and sluffing was the only action we saw on our runs.



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