New Avalanche and Backcountry Education Program

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Welcome to the Brave New World of Avalanche Education! How we got here took a long and winding road(read here). Today the courses you need to progress in your backcountry travel skills to develop the rescue, navigation and planning techniques are here. The skill progression to ride in the mountains safely includes avalanche and mountain skills that cover terrain from the valley floor to the high alpine. All of you took the Level 1 and immediately asked what are the next steps; here they are in order of skill development and utility:

Intro to Touring: Learn Navigation, terrain identification, track setting and tour planning. Ideal for gaining skills to safely move through terrain with intent. Click here for Dates & Prices.

Advanced Avalanche Rescue: 8 hours to develop new transceiver skills for multiple & deep burials and group rescue management. Also fulfills the role of a Level 1 Refresher learning next level avalanche skills to improve potential outcomes of an accident. Click here for Dates & Prices.

Advanced Touring/Level 2 Avalanche Course: You have a couple of years in the backcountry after your Level 1 and now want to start going to huts, touring onto the volcanoes or deeper into the Cascades. Learn new observation techniques to determine type, size and likelihood on the slopes you want to tour on and apply your data to decision making for terrain selection and navigation with your friends. Click here for Dates & Prices.

Companion Rescue Skills Practice

Wapta Traverse-Intro to Ski Mountaineering: Big mountains, glacier travel, overnight kits all require time to learn and apply. The Wapta provides terrain for all levels with huts to soften your first overnight experience.  Click here for Dates & Prices.

There are many more tours, summits and huts that will progress your skills, you just need to make the time to get out and use them. As always we look forward to our next adventure with you! Viva La Nina!


Matt and the BCAG crew

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