Workout of the Day

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I finally put down the laptop and got off the couch,  after finishing a grad school homework binge, whew! I actually did workout, seemed hard but steady: WarmupBest stretch in the world, jump rope and 10*pushups, v-ups and air squats. … Read More

New Ideas for a new season

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As the cold front hits Seattle, I am frantically organizing my life around the coming ski season, certainly a problem with a one track mind. Last time I mentioned some new ideas about my approach to fitness and taken the … Read More

Get up Stand up

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Sometimes, getting back to basics really enables one to strip away the useless fluff and unleash the machine within, or at least that is the misconception I operate under. As sport specific as climbing and skiing are, the core, adaptive … Read More

Grad School versus Skiing

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After 1 1/2 quarters of school, skiing feels a little put out from neglect. My inner hedonist keeps telling me, ‘go ski, that’s your job!’ The overwhelmed student looks at the hedonist with bags under his eyes pleading for some … Read More

Solitude on Mount Stuart

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After much exchanging of schedules, Christi and I made a plan to climb the North Ridge of Mount Stuart the last weekend in July. Christi packed the rope and fresh baked cookies and I brought the rack and tent. The … Read More

Linguini with Penitente

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The allure of Mount Rainier for climbers and skiers is much like a moth to the flame. Hard to resist a big snow covered mountain, so Sally and I gave in and headed up the Emmons Glacier July 12-13. Sally … Read More

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