Ski Programs

Mt Baker BC – Powder Served Daily

You can count on one hand places on Earth that receive as much snow as Baker and we can show you the goods! We proudly serve Cascade Powder fresh at Mt Baker this winter. You can now enjoy daily or … Continue reading

Pow Tree Skiing

Japan-Zen and the Art of Powder

Japan sits in our minds with images of sushi, samurais, zen, Toyotas and Sony, now deep, powder skiing joins the list! Pacific storms mixed with Siberian cold makes deep, cold smoke a daily reality for the Land of the Rising … Continue reading

Snow Anchor for Crevasse Rescue

Crevasse Rescue & Glacial Travel Seminar-1 Day

After years of ski touring, rock & ice climbing you want to climb one of the high peaks of the Cascades, except those crevasses… Now there is a way for experienced outdoors-person to learn how to manage glacial terrain then … Continue reading

Baker Backcountry Boundary Sign

Snowshoe Avalanche Safety Course

  Our Snowshoe Avalanche Courses is unique because of our emphasis on field based lessons and learning. In this 16 hour curriculum, students can expect to develop a good grounding in how to prepare for and carry out a trip, … Continue reading


Powder and Putin, Ski Descent of ELBRUS (5642 m), RUSSIA

Adventure skiing Russian style! The Elbrus region has long history of alpine and ski activity but politics have kept it from experiencing the crowds the Alps have. The Caucasus Range offers great snow conditions due to the higher altitude and … Continue reading

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