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Ski Trips hold a special place much like 'Heaven on Earth'. Deep powder, long, steep couloirs, exotic food and amazing new and beautuiful mountain ranges excite us every fall as we plan where to go and what to do. We love exploring new places for great snow in wild terrain then sitting down to a great meal with new friends! Elbrus, Niseko, Gulmarg, Revelstoke, La Grave, Baker, BC, Cascades, Ecuador and many other great destinations for you to dream about and go ski!

Pow Tree Skiing

Japan-Zen and the Art of Powder

Japan sits in our minds with images of sushi, samurais, zen, Toyotas and Sony, now deep, powder skiing joins the list! Pacific storms mixed with Siberian cold makes deep, cold smoke a daily reality for the Land of the Rising … Continue reading


Powder and Putin, Ski Descent of ELBRUS (5642 m), RUSSIA

Adventure skiing Russian style! The Elbrus region has long history of alpine and ski activity but politics have kept it from experiencing the crowds the Alps have. The Caucasus Range offers great snow conditions due to the higher altitude and … Continue reading

Lin Schredding

Coast Range at Close Range-Hut Based Touring Canadian Style!

Whistler’s legendary terrain extends northward to the Duffy Lake road home to Mt. Joffre, Mt. Matier, and Vantage Peak and some of the finest hut based touring in the NW! Keith’s Hut rests under these amazing peaks with many tours … Continue reading

Snoqualmie Day Tripping-Ski Tours with Local Flavor!

Time to call in sick, it is dumping! Whether you want a mid-week pow hit, TGIF tour or just a quick weekend trip, Snoqualmie Pass provides the adventure you need. A dawn patrol or going for as many laps before … Continue reading

Roaring Ridge pow

Cold Creek High Route aka The Snoqualmie Low Route

Snoqualmie Pass offers a vast array of adventures with such well known tours such as the Slot Couloir. Just a few miles east lies a lesser know region, hidden from the highway by the Nordic center is 10,000 vertical feet … Continue reading

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