Intro to Rock Climbing

  • Dates: Custom
  • Duration: 1-2 Days
  • Level: Beginner
  • Client Ratio: 6:1
  • Cost:
    • 1-Day  $295
    • 2-Day  $450
  • Included: Group climbing equipment (ropes, protection, and carabiners) and guide services.
  • Not Included: Transportation, helmets, harnesses,rock shoes, gratuities for guides, and all personal items. A detailed equipment list will be sent to all participants.

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Intro rock climb teaches you about how to move on rock, tie into a rope, and belay helping you take the next step for the first time climbing outside while surrounded by madrona trees, shore pines, wild roses and eagles soar overhead. The first day begins with an equipment review and a lesson on the essential knot skills required for the day’s climbing. You will also learn proper belaying techniques that will prepare you for actual climbing. Once the basics are covered, you begin climbing. Communication signals and various friction climbing techniques will be covered. After a break, the group will move onto steeper terrain. Mt. Erie is worth visiting as much for the atmosphere as the climbing with views of the Puget Sound that take in the waters around Deception Pass, the San Juan Islands, the Olympics, and Cascades.

Day 1

  • Knots, belay techniques
  • Roped climbing, face and crack climbing techniques
  • Rappelling


  • Rappelling and anchor building
  • More Climbing
  • Hazard assessment including a discussion of objective vs. subjective hazards
  • Leave No Trace ethics.

Rental Resources: REI

Leave Seattle at 8AM to Mt Erie depending on conditions and the pace of the group, we will do 3 to 5 climbs and cover a variety of techniques till 3:30-4.

Day 1

  • Knots, belay techniques
  • Roped climbing, face and crack climbing techniques
  • Rappelling

We pack up by 4:30-5 and drive home arriving by 6-7 PM

Arrive at 9 AM and begin with rappelling and anchoring building and continue with crack climbing techniques and possible multi-pitch climb

It is not necessary to have previous experience.

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