Trip Calendar

Our schedule follows the best time to travel to each region. From the beginning of the year:

January-Trekking Patagonia, Touring in the Cascades, Ski Expeditions to Ecuador and Vinson
February-Touring & Skiing Rogers Pass, Cascades, La Grave, & Morocco
March-Touring & Skiing in Morocco, La Grave, Dolomites, Elbrus
April-High Alpine Ski Traverses in the Alps,Elbrus, Canadian Rockies Coast Range & Cascades
May-Ski Descents of Cascade Volcanoes and High Traverses, Elbrus & Wapta Traverse
June-Ski Descents of Cascade Volcanoes, Elbrus, Cascade Climbs
July-Tour du Mont Blanc
August-Cascade Climbs
September-Trekking & Trail Running in Greece
October-Ski Descent in Mexico
November_Trekking & Trail Running in Nepal
December-Trekking & Trail Running in Patagonia

This should help you navigate the calendar for the specific dates of the trips you are looking for. The details you will find will be trip availability and other trip member travel details to help organize airport transfers.