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We know the importance of good alpine education for a safe and successful climbing career balanced against limited vacation and free time. BCA Guides designed our Alpine Climbing Courses to fit into 1-4 separate weekends to maximize learning a diversity of skill with multiple summit attempts to increase your experience climbing in diverse environments while saving your vacation for bigger trips such as Ecuador, Elbrus, Peru....

Alpine Ice Climbing on the Coleman Glacier

Intro to Ice Climbing-1 Day

Been thinking about trying something new and have a free day to swing some ice tools? This program introduces you the skills necessary to climb alpine ice such as the North Ridge or Coleman Headwall on Mount Baker. Course curriculum … Continue reading

Snow Anchor for Crevasse Rescue

Crevasse Rescue & Glacial Travel Seminar-1 Day

After years of ski touring, rock & ice climbing you want to climb one of the high peaks of the Cascades, except those crevasses… Now there is a way for experienced outdoors-person to learn how to manage glacial terrain then … Continue reading

Snow Climbing on Baker

Alpinism 100 – Snow Climbing & Winter Camping

Welcome to the Alpine! When we begin to climb the high alpine peaks of the Cascades, Olympics and beyond we need to learn the basic skills snow climbing and winter camp craft. The course focuses on movement skills on snow … Continue reading

Shuksan Summit descent

Alpinism 101-Intro to Glacier Travel

Your dream to learn to climb meets the challenge we all face, lack of time. Weekends provide everyone 2 days to accomplish these goals. Alpinism 101 begins our weekend alpine education program with instruction on glacial travel. We teach the … Continue reading


Alpinism 102 – Ice Climbing Course Alpine Style

This intensive training program develops the skills necessary to lead on complex alpine ice terrainĀ  culminates with an ascent of a technical route such as the North Ridge or Coleman Headwall on Mount Baker. This course serves as a solid … Continue reading